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Last Modified: June 18, 2021

A g'mach is a free loan or gift of money, goods or services.
Loaned items will have to be repaid or returned.
There is never an interest charge.
Gifted items may be kept.

Here is a link from The Jewish Magazine site
to give you an idea of what various gmachim offer: Jewish Free Loan Societies

Please email me information on any g'mach you know
of in the Philadelphia area EMAIL: sam@philly-direct.com

Hospital Items
Interest Free Loans
Torah Study


Simcha G'mach for a vort, sheva brachos, etc.
Items: Various centerpieces (mostly candle holders and mirrors) as well as several serving and display pieces
Name: Simchas Rivka Aviva, in memory of Rabbi Ungar�s niece who died in her early twenties
Contact: Rabbi Eliezer Katz
Home: 215-745-0337
Cell: 267-235-7390

Luchmei Mitzvah G'mach
Items: Challahs for Seudas Mitzvah i.e. bris, pidyon haben, sheva brochos, siyum
In memory of: Rivkah Aviva bas Eliyahu Lipman
Contact: Dubbie Ungar
Home: 215-342-1254

Bridal Fund of N'shei Chabad
Items: Bridal expenses
In memory of: Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson
Contact: Batsheva Shemtov
Home: 215-725-2030

Clothing G'mach
Name: Bridesmaids Dress Gmach
Items: Dresses for mothers and sisters of bride/groom
Location: Merion Station, PA
Contact: Galitte Den
Phone: (215) 298-3068 cell

Bencher G'mach
Name: Bencher G'mach
Items: Benchers (of all types) available for borrowing,
for any simcha or meal that you may be having.
Location: Merion Station, PA
Contact: Amanda Israel
Email: RecycledBenchers@gmail.com
Phone: 609-458-0992

Metal Folding Chairs G'mach
Name: Metal Folding Chairs G'mach
Items: 30 metal folding chairs to lend out free.
Thanks to the generosity of Camp Achdus.
Borrower is responsible for pickup and timely drop-off
and for replacing any damaged chairs.
Chairs may be borrowed for up to one week.
Contact: The Newmans
Phone: 215-722-1043

Wedding Arches G'mach
Name: Camp Seed Wedding Arches G'mach
Items: Wedding arches and carrying case to lend out free.
Thanks to the generosity of Camp Seed.
Security deposit required.
Contact: Shira Reiner
Phone: 917-667-3269

Hospital Items

Electric Shabbos Lights G'mach
Items: Electric candlelabra to light Shabbos lights in a hospital
Contact: Rabbi Eliezer Katz
Home: 215-745-0337
Cell: 267-235-7390

Medical Equipment G'mach
Items: Wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, medical supplies and equipment
Contacts: Esther Moddel 215-725-2957
Dubbie Ungar 215-342-1254
Khana Globman 215-477-7123

Gittel Chaya G'mach
Items: Medical equipment typically for rehab or geriatric patients
(Walkers, canes, commodes, shower chair, knee brace, ankle and wrist guards, crutches, etc).
Contacts: Shimon & Shoshana Kay 610-908-4688 shoshanakay@yahoo.com

Hospital Gowns G'mach
Items: Long sleeve hospital gowns for women
Contact: Rochel Leah Feldman
Home: 215-728-7227

Bikur Cholim
Items: Visitors for the hospitalized and homebound
Contacts: Susie Wohlgelernter 215-342-2999
Dubbie Ungar 215-342-1254
Malkie Schwartz 610-668-1183


Bais Avail G'mach
Items: Low chairs, Mishnayos sign-in sheets, books on hilchos availos, Hamakon signs, ect.
In memory of: Aharon Smuel ben Psachya and Shlomo ben Avroham
Contact: Fagie Rosenberg
Phone: 215-722-7574

Misaskim�s G'mach Nichumim
Items: Low chairs, Mishnayos sign-in sheets, books on hilchos availos, Hamakon signs, ect.
Contact: David Kushner
Phone: 215-917-0209

Mitzvah Meals
Items: Meals for those in morning
Contact: Tara Nisenfeld
Phone: 215-745-0819

Interest Free Loans

Interest Free Loan
Name: Chaya Mushka Lubavitch Gemilas Chesed of Philadelphia
Item: Small loans up to $1000
Contact: Rabbi Zalman Lipskar
Phone: 215-725-2030
Fax: 215-722-2876

Interest Free Loan
Name: Hebrew Free Loan Society of Greater Philadelphia
Item: Individual loans up to $7500
Item: Business loans up to $15000
Two co-signers are required to guarantee repayment.
Phone: 267-709-9652

Torah Study

Gemara G'mach
Items: ArtScroll� Travel Edition: Brachos thru Shekalim, Megillah thru end of Shas.
Contact: Dr. M. Schwarzschild
Phone: 215-742-4217

Torah CD's G'mach
Presenters include: Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman, Rabbi Frand,
Rabbi Fischel Schachter, Rabbi Feuer, Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld, Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller,
and CD's of the past year and a half Hakhel Yarchei Kallah events in Brooklyn
Contact: Barbara Friedman
Email: bn.friedman@comcast.net


Clothing G'mach
Name: G'mach Chana bas Yishai Yaacov
Items: Clothing for women and children
Money donations are welcome but not necessary.
Clothing donations may be dropped off by Schneider Family on the loop.
Contact Email: iluvmycsa@gmail.com

Clothing G'mach
Name: Chasdei Eliyahu
Items: Men's, women's, children's, and maternity clothes, shoes and linens
Location: Third floor of Congregation Beth Hamedrosh, 200 Haverford Road, Wynnewood, PA 19096
The clothes closet is open anytime the synagogue is open except Shabbat and holidays.
The secretary is at the synagogue from 12-4pm, Monday through Thursday,
but we suggest that you phone first to make sure someone is there
or come to minyan and go the g'mach then.
Contact: Molly Wood
Phone: 215-473-2656, molwo2@aol.com

Clothing G'mach
Name: Bridesmaids Dress and Bride Gowns Gmach
Items: Dresses for mothers and sisters of bride/groom
Now run by Orma.
Get a gown and a seamstress in the same location.
Over 100 dresses to choose from.
Location: Merion Station, PA
Call for an appointment.
Contact: Orma
Phone: 610-952-7268


Baby G�mach
Items: Baby items and sometimes other items.

If you wish to donate items, please call 610-667-9854.

Please do not drop off any donations without the courtesy of
having the potential donation accepted by phone call first.
Also the Baby G'mach is open to returns of items which have
been borrowed and are still in good condition.
Please call first to discuss your items return.

Also phone ahead for appointment for picking up.

Contact: Shayna Poe
Email: shaynapoe@yahoo.com

Magazine G�mach
Items: Mishpacha and other magazines less than a year old.
Feel free to pick up or donate.
Contact: Leiba Silverman
Phone: 215-745-3996
Email: www.jpthink.com

Mezuzzah G'mach
In memory of: Chaim Ben Yehudah Leib Yitzchak Isaac Alter
Contact: Jarred Nisenfeld
Phone: 215-745-0819

Car Top Carrier G'mach
Donated by: The Levintov Family
Contact: Rabbi Mordechi Terebelo
Phone: 215-745-0378

Fax G'mach
Item: Send or receive faxes
Contact: Rabbi Avi & Shoshannah Nulman
Phone: 215-742-7350

Moving Box G'mach
Item: Heavy duty moving boxes available to borrow
Contact: Shira Reiner
Phone or text: 917-667-3269


The following are Pseudo G'machim:
A small charge is involved either
to cover expenses or proceeds go to charity

Tablecloth G'mach
Items: Quality tablecloths for simchas.
Must be returned cleaned plus a small service charge.
Contact: Rabbi Mordechi Terebelo
Phone: 215-745-0378

Simchas Chaya Sara Tablecloth G'mach
Items: Large assortment of quality tablecloths for simchas.
Donation to Philadelphia Community Kollel appreciated
Contact: https://gemach-chaya-sara6.webnode.com/