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How to View, Use and Enjoy Matterport Presentations

Courtesy of Sam Dorfman

Last Updated: November 30, 2020

After viewing a real estate listing on a web page your reaction could be
"I am not interested" or "I might be interested".

After viewing a real estate listing with a Matterport Tour your reaction will be:
"I am not interested" or "I want this place; I must go see it!"

But you must know how to view a Matterport Tour. So here goes:
I sugget that you print this out so that
you can use it as you try out each function.

Here are some examples to work with: Showcase

The screen shot above and the pictures following are from my iPhone.
The instruction given will be smartphone oriented.
if you are using a desktop or laptop then go to my YouTube channel

360 Virtual Home Tours by Sam

for instuctions.

Descriptive Information

First note at the top there is some descriptive information.
On the top right there is a down arrow (or up arrow)
to show more (or less) information.

On the iPhone some of this information is clickable:
Email Addresses, Web Sites and Phone Numbers.

On the top left there is a left arrow to make it all go away
which then becomes a right arrow to bring it all back.
Clearing the information gives you more viewing space.

Matterport Tool Bar

Near the bottom of the screen you will find a row of icons.
Each icon is a tapable button.
Not all Matterport models have all the availabel buttons.
The ones in this example are the ones that I choose to use.
I wll describe each one as we use it.

Highlight Reel and Guided Tour Buttons

Highlight Reel

The leftmost button on the Tool Bar is the open/close Highlight Reel Button.
It is an arrow pointing up or down.
If it is pointing up, taping it will open the Highlight Reel.
If it is pointing down, taping it will will close the Highlight Reel.

At this point I must mention that your iPhone has two modes of view (for any application).
If you hold your iPhone longside up and down, you are in portrait mode.
If you hold your iPhone longside sideways, you are in landscape mode.
In landscape mode you will not see the Highlight Reel Button or the Highlight Reel.
However you will see the Guided Tour Button.
If course you can easily switch modes by tilting your iPhone.

When the Highlight Reel is open you will see three small pictures
on the bottom of the screen.

They are called Views or Highlights.
The whole collection of Highlights is called a Highlight Reel.
In this example there are actually 27 Highlights in the Highlight Reel.

So what can you do with the Highlights? You can do several things.
Gently tap on the first Hightlight on the far left.
A red frame will form around that Highlight.
Also the main screen is now loaded with an enlarged view of that Highlight.
If the developer wasn't lazy, the Highlight will contain a name of the view.

Fun with 360s

Before we go to the next Highlight,
let us see what we can do with the enlarged screen view.
Each such view is a 360 degree image!!!
Place your finger on the image and move to the right or left.
You will find that you can rotate all the way around
360 degrees and come back to where you started.

If you get disoriented or lazy, touch the Highlight icon
and the view will rotate back to the starting point.

Wait, we are not done yet! You can also rotate up
or down althought not 360 degrees.

You can also use a finger pinch
to slighly change the size of the view.
i.e. Bring the view closer or farther away.

There are other things we can do with our screen
view but we will get to them later.

Navigating the Highlight Reel: A Highlight Tour

To get to the next Highlight just tap on it.
It will inherit the red frame and the main screen
will display an enlarged view of that Highlight.
You can continue taping on each Highlight to the right
to reach the last one on the Reel.
Note that Reel will rotate to give you access
to each of the following Highlights.
At any time you can reverse directiion by taping a Highlight to the left.
You can speed rotate by flicking your finger across the Highlight Reel.

The process of taping through the Highlight Reel and rotating
each view 360 degrees is called a Highlight Tour.

Highlight Reel and Guided Tour Buttons

The Play Button: A Guided Tour

We are now ready for the second button from the left on the Tool Bar.
It is a circle with a pointer in it pointing right.
It is called the PLAY Button (or Guided Tour Button)
because tapping it causes a combination movie and slide show.

This is called a Guided Tour.

It will begin playing at whatever Highlight View you are at
and keep moving forward to the right
until it reaches the last View in the Reel
or until you tap the screen.
As each Highlight is accessed, it will be framed red
so you can keep track of where you are in the Highlight Reel

When you tap the screen, the Guided Tour stops,
but you can continue at any time by taping the PLAY Button.

You can also continue as a Highlight Tour.
Wherever you are paused, you will have access
to all the functions discussed above in "Fun with 360s".

Circles on the Floor: A Walking Tour

You may have noticed circles on the floor in your enlarged view.
Not all 360s will have circles on the floor.
If the corresponding View in the Highlight Reel has a little walking
man figure in the upper left, then you will find circles on the floor.
Each circle is a hot spot.

Taping on a circle will cause your view to move there.
You can now do a 360 degree screen rotation at this new spot.
You can move throught the entire building
by moving from circle to circle.

This is called a Walking Tour

Dollhouse, Floor Plan and Floor Selector Buttons

Playing with the Dollhouse: A Dollhouse Tour

The third button from the left on the Tool Bar is the Dollhouse Button.
Tapping on that button will show you a Dollhouse View
of the property, furnitue included.
Using your finger you can rotate the Dollhouse 360 degrees
and even tilt it to see the top view but not the bottom.

If the building has more than one floor,
you can use the Floor Selector Button (Fifth button from the left)
to cut the Dollhouse View to just one floor.

You can access any room in the Dollhouse View by tapping it.
So we have another way to tour the building one room at a time
by tapping a Dollhouse room, viewing it in 360 degrees
and then returning to the Dollhouse to get another room.

This is called a Dollhouse Tour

Dollhouse, Floor Plan and Floor Selector Buttons

View the Floor Plan: A Floor Plan Tour

The fouth button from the left on the Tool Bar is the Floor Plan Button.
Tapping on that button will show a Floor Plan for what ever floor
was chosen by the Floor Selector Button (Fifth button from the left).

You will see all the furniture in each room in the Floor Plan
and also room names if the developer put them in.
You can access any room in the Floor Plan View by tapping it.
So we have another way to tour the building one room at a time
by choosing a floor, tapping a Floor Plan room, viewing it in 360 degrees
and then returning to the Floor Plan for the next room
on that floor untill we have seen all the rooms on that floor.
We then choose another floor and repeat till we have seen all floors.

This is called a Floor Plan Tour

Share This Space and VR (Virtual Reality) Buttons

View in VR Button: A VR Tour

This button is the first button on the right on the smartphone toolbar.

This Tour will only run on an iPhone
Why show it on other devices?
So that people running on other devices will know of its existence

This is called a VR Tour

VR stands for Virtual Reality.
This is the "Knock your socks off Tour".
You will feel like you are really there walking through the building.

What you will need:
1. An iPhone........................................................................
2. A free app from the Apple App Store: Matterport VR
3. A viewer such as Google Cardboard.............................. hold your iPhone and display in 3D............................

My viewer of choice is the Bnext VR Headset which can be found on Amazon for $39.95.
I can actually use it with my glasses off.
If you don't have the equipment, you may have a friend or relative who does
or you can meet me at a convenient location for a demo.

Share This Space Botton

This button is the second button from the right on the smartphone toolbar

Tapping this button opens up a direct method of sharing this presentation
It allows you to share this model with all your contacts including social media.
This allows the viewer to spread the word about the cool Matterport display.

Wait, Here is The Kitchen Sink: Mattertage Posts

You may have noticed one or more small white circles attached to stems.

These are called Mattertags or Mattertag Posts

Tapping one with your finger will cause one of several things:

A link to some external web page (use you imagination)
A link to another part of the Matterport display

A multimedia embed:

A text display
A picture display
A sound playing such as music or a Podcast
A video playing such as a YouTube video
It would look something like this:

A few thoughts on Mattertags:

The inner rim is color coded so the color could be used for
media type (picture, sound, video) or
room type (bedroom, bathroom, etc).

Mattertags are visible on 360s, Dollhouse Views and Floor Plan Views.
Placing one in each room with the room name in the heading and
the special features of the room in the text body
would make for a more descriptive tour.

Comments, suggestions, criticisms please send

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